Founded in 1793, the New London County Medical Association may well be the oldest County Medical Association in the United States.  It has been the focal point for insuring the highest quality of medical care for the people of New London County. It has also protected the right of physicians to practice medicine at the highest possible quality level.

Until 1973, the Association was managed by its members, but the increase in membership and the desire to be more active motivated NLCMA to hire an Executive Office Staff.  This staff was headed by Arthur Schuman for 32 years.

About Us:

The purpose of this Association is to bring together into one organization the physicians of New London County. To increase among the members their knowledge of scientific and practical medicine. To enlighten and direct public opinion so that the profession shall become increasingly useful to the public, in the prevention and cure of disease, and in the prolonging and adding of comfort to life. To investigate, discuss, and communicate Social-Economic problems of concern and interest to the members and their patients. To maintain, in cooperation with the Medical Association of other counties of the State, the organization of the Connecticut State Medical Society. Through our own State Medical Society, to join with similar Societies in other states to form the American Medical Association.